Some Background Guidelines On Smart Solutions In Seo Company In Elk Grove California

Jun 10, 2017 Anyone with even a minor degree of familiarity with political corruption cases in the state will undoubtedly conjure an image in their mind when the city of Bell, California is mentioned in a conversation. Bell, the southeastern Los Angeles County municipality can hardly be spoken in a sentence without the word corruption being included. Even though the scandals that enveloped the small suburban city landed several city council members and managers in prison, the Sacramento Bee revisited Bell and several other nearby communities in a feature story last weekend. In the story, conditions were described that led to one of the most notorious small-town scandals with big city money perhaps in California history. Among other things, mix a cozy relationship between elected officials and the professional managers who they were elected to oversee with residents who were regularly intimidated for speaking up, and you have some of the ingredients that engulfed Bell and other nearby cities. Speaking to this at the Elk Grove City Council meeting on Wednesday, May 10 was smart growth advocate and taxpayer watchdog, Elk Grove resident Lynn Wheat. In her presentation during public comment, which can be viewed in its entirety below, Wheat compared behaviors of Bell and the other scandal-ridden Los Angeles County communities with specific examples of similar, albeit not as severe,  behavior that has occurred by current and past members of the Elk Grove City Council. Even though Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly tried to cut her off, Wheat's point is that it happened in those communities and there are already markers that have been in Elk Grove. Just consider Mayor Ly's unending personal featherbedding quest to get a cushy full-time salary even while the city would continue to employee a city manager and a full compliment of executives.

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