Simple Tips On Useful Solutions Of Sacramento In Galt California

Apr 07, 2017  

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While he is happy with the Assembly district, Galt City Manager Jason Behrmann said he wishes there was more continuity with the Senate district. He said it appears the commission violated its own policy on "nesting." Nesting is where the commission makes the Senate districts larger versions of the Assembly district by combining multiple districts together. Instead, Galt's Senate district no longer includes Elk Grove and contains most of San Joaquin County. Behrmann described the Senate district as "bizarre" and has concerns about what it will mean for Galt if there are two different representatives for the area. "It will make it more difficult for cities to get together and talk about regional issues," he said. Ricky Gill spokesman Colin Hunter said he believes the new congressional boundaries are a great improvement. "It is a relatively compact district and obviously centered around San Joaquin County," he said. Hunter said he wishes Tracy and Manteca were not split off from the rest of the county. "But again, this is a great improvement.

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