Deciding Upon Essential Details For Online Marketing In Folsom California

Jun 30, 2017  

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Other relatives included her Uncle Buel Adams and family (Ridgway, CO) and her Aunts Laura Adams Hampton (CA), Hattie Adams Lawson Trout (Delta, CO), and Ruby Adams (CA & Delta, CO) who died at age 106 in the early 1970s.  Anna Noma was preceded in death by her parents (Telluride & Delta, CO), brothers Clarence (Quincy, CA), Waldo (Whitey; Uravan, CO & Kingman, AZ), Gene (Telluride & Ridgway, CO), sister Mary Jane (Disappointment Valley/Dry Creek Basin, CO), and a former husband, Ray Carter (Kingman, AZ).   In 1936 Anna Noma married Glen A. Boyd, a hard rock miner. While Glen was working at the Treasury Tunnel, they had a daughter, Glenda Marlene Boyd, who was born in the Telluride Hospital, now converted to the Telluride Historical Museum. Mining jobs subsequently led the family to live in miners’ cabins at the Butterfly and Alta mines in the Telluride area, and also to the Koehler Tunnel mine where the family spent a winter living on Red Mountain Pass between Ouray and Silverton. As mining opportunities diminished in the late 1930s, the family left mining, and shifted to operating a dairy in Ridgway. Anna Noma spent her early years on ranches in the Disappointment Valley/Dry Creek Basin areas, attended primary school in Telluride, received her high school diploma in Delta while living with her grandparents (John Henry Adams & Ella Noma Austin Adams), and subsequently returned to work on the family ranch near Telluride. After many life’s adventures that took her to various places in Colorado, Southern California, and Kingman, AZ, she returned to Montrose in 2004 to be nearer family in Ridgway while living at either Spring Creek Chalet, Brookdale Sunrise Creek, or, most recently, Heidi’s Chateau. Anna Noma initiated a number of entrepreneurial businesses during her life, including operating a dairy (Ridgway), rental housing management (Montrose and Redstone), operating a sewing and fabric store (Yucca Valley, CA), and in retirement, summer food service work in Yellowstone Nat’l Park. She loved to travel and experience places far from her native Western Colorado, including the Orient, Egypt, the Mediterranean, South and Central America, Australia, and Alaska. While in Kingman, she enjoyed good Sam’s Club outings, American Legion functions and volunteering at the local food bank. Survivors include daughter Glenda Boyd (Robert), Lindsay (Madison, WI), granddaughters Alison Raye Lindsay (Albuquerque, NM) and Kellie Ann Lindsay (Mike) Treppa (Huntington Woods, MI), and great-grandchildren Anna Treppa and John Treppa (Huntington Woods, MI). Also surviving are several nieces, nephews and other relatives, including Terry Rae Adams (Ridgway), Kim Rice (Ridgway), Denise Kay Adams (Ridgway), Jeanne Hutchins Nugent (Folsom, CA), Norene Adams Maier-Fancher (Apache Junction, AZ), Marilyn Adams (CA), Dennis Adams (CA), Linda Rodgers Phillips (El Sobrante, CA), and Gene Rodgers (OR). The family expresses gratitude to Terry and Kim for their constant support and care during her later years, and greatly appreciates the care provided by Heidi’s Chateau and the Montrose medical community.

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