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Nguyen, a Republican from Orange County, initially said she was swayed by the support she received from fellow senators, saying the public discussion Monday reaffirms my faith in Americas deep belief in the democratic process of freedom of speech. But about two hours later, her office sent a statement saying Democrats have failed to acknowledge wrongdoing. Their continued attempts to mischaracterize this incident as a result of a lack of understanding of the rules is a quick jump to judgment and wrong, Nguyens statement said. I hope that never again, a sitting senator will go through the trauma of being forcibly removed from the Senate floor. Nguyen lived in South Vietnam as a child and fled with her family after its U.S.-backed government fell. Her Senate district includes the largest concentration of Vietnamese people outside of Vietnam. Many fled South Vietnam and blame the U.S. anti-war movement for undermining American forces and contributing to the victory by the communist North. Senate Minority Leader Jean Fuller, R-Bakersfield, called for a public investigation of the incident and an apology. Democrats said Nguyen was silenced because she violated Senate rules and would have been allowed to make her speech if shed waited until later in the session and made the appropriate motion. Several sergeants-at-arms surrounded Nguyen and gently nudged her toward the door. Nguyen dodged them and continued yelling passages from her speech for nearly a minute as the presiding Democrat, Sen. Ricardo Lara of Bell Gardens, repeatedly told her to stop.

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